New Revolutionary Workshop Reveals...

How to Harness Your Emotional Power Towards a Better Life

and Build a Stronger Bridge to Your Intuition.

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Saturday, Dec. 9th

10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET

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During this Reoccuring, By Donation Workshop You Will Experience:

Guided Meditation

Clear your mind and emotions with Direct Divine Light Meditations, a timeless practice brought back by Spiritual Arts Institute.

Healing Discussion

How often do you get to hear other people describe how they receive intuition? This was one, past example of our discussion.

Healing Discussion

Mental and Emotional 'Upgrades'

Walk away with at least one tool to upgrade and integrate. Resolve inner coflicts, regain crystal clarity.

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this workshop now and you'll be entered to win a free sixty minute private session with Joan Weisman. Winner will be announced after the workshop.